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Which is better: e-journaling or diary writing? (Part 1)

We all know the importance of journaling and how it helps in calming oneself. Journaling is extremely therapeutic and helps in self discovery. I too have been journaling for years now. For the longest time, I used to e-journal. However, when I started working, I preferred my me time to be a no screen time.

Have you read my most liked post?

As a blogger and a budding writer, I put up several blog posts. Though all posts require equal amount of hard work, some posts are appreciated more than others. It feels nice when your work is counted as meaningful and is loved.

Do you judge others by the way they dress?

This is something most of us do unconsciously. When we meet someone, we look at the way they are dressed. Some even get down to noticing the labels others are wearing. Here I ask you, does their way of dressing changes your perception about them?

Yes, you can get back in shape

I know so many people who really want to get back in shape. And I can totally resonate with them because I feel exactly the same. I too want to shed off the extra fat, tone my body and get fitter and healthier.


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Welcome to Alphabetical Mirage! Often, we have unending questions without any answers. This space aims to blur all the mirages that block our way and head strong.

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