Lessons learnt from Emily in Paris 🗼

I love Paris and I’m sure all of us do. I had even started learning French and am in the beginner level now. When I saw a show based in Paris was up, I knew I was going to watch it. Yesterday I finished watching ‘Emily in Paris’ streaming on Netflix. It was a fun watch and I enjoyed seeing the French culture. The french pronunciation, dressing style and landscapes were a delight to watch. If you haven’t watched it, I recommend you to watch it right away!

I’m sure each one of us have some bit of Emily in us. I really liked Emily and admire her for who she is. Here are a few things that still linger in my head and will probably remain with me till we have season 2.

1. Grab opportunities as they come: You might not know how to speak French yet might be asked to go to Paris. Do not hesitate. Look at the ninety nine opportunities and not that one problem.

2. Be who you are: People will tell you, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. But your indentity and individualism is yours. Do not change and try to fit in. Be it your family, friends or colleagues, be you!

3. Look at the bright side: You might have a bad start, but you can make the best efforts to convert it into a great end. Things might stop working when you need them the most, relationships might suck and people may mock. Ignore. Keep your calm and sing to your own tune of happiness. Do your best and let the rest happen on its own.

4. Communication and socializing: Making new friends is not easy. However, speaking your heart out, making new connections and trying new things is never a problem. You feel lighter by off loading all the unnecessary burden over your shoulder. Thanks to Emily, I finally started my blog which I was procrastinating for over a year.

Nothing comes easy. You have to work hard. Do your homework before you hit the chords, give yourself time and keep running to keep yourself in shape are few others that really inspired me. Kudos to the team who presented something that happens often in secondments or in a job change so naturally.

Let us aim to filter the good in our everyday lives. Let me know if you have watched the series yet and what you feel of these takeaways. After all, it’s all about cleaning our heads with those blurry mirages.

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