Passion meets purpose

I was surfing Instagram and found one of the biggest self help coaches offering help through his story. He said he would help us find our passion. As I was anyway frustrated with my routine life, I gave it a shot. I took forward the story and asked for his help. His team threw a bunch of questions which got me thinking what my passion was. And then came an advice my friend after I narrated him this incident. He said, “If someone else has to help you identify what your passion is, it is indeed not your passion.” Those words hit me. I thought and knew creativity was my call. As I have always been a fan of venting out emotions through words, I decided to start a blog. Many thanks to my friend for inspiring me. This blog doesn’t have a set category or audience for its posts. Anyone who who rejoices the joy after reading stories or enjoys small conversations that makes one think and smile can subscribe to get updates for my posts. Welcome to Alphabetical Mirage!

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