The demanding nose

Fragrances are powerful. And it can be vouched by the fact that nose is one of the five sense organs of our body. Good smelling places and people are a treat to the nose and can transport you to a different world. I have a thing for scents and anyone who is obsessed with aromas will easily relate with me.

I happily apply a perfume in the morning which adds to my confidence throughout the day. The days I don’t wear one makes me feel incomplete. Florals, earthy feels in a wooden spa resorts, cheese and cookies baking, petrol, scented candles and aromatic scrubs and shampoos are some of the fragrances that my nose wants to keep smelling again and again.

Also, I’m a big fan of a indulging in self care. It’s one of my favourite weekend activities. I give all the time and take care of myself. Treating myself with a good aromatherapy is a part of the routine. Bathing with a nice coffee based scrub (gifted to me by my friend) mentally takes me to a Starbucks store. It feels as if I’m bathing from a shower that has coffee in its tank. I then scrub my face with a coffee and coconut scrub. I love eating raw coconut and when it becomes a part of my bathing ritual, it only leaves me elated.

After the beautiful scrubbing, layering my skin with choco body butter adds on to the experience. I put on some Tibetan bowl music and apply the body butter. It feels so rejuvenating and calming. Once I’m done applying a layer of the rich butter, I lie down eyes closed with a face mask sheet. Soft bowl music, choco and the mask sheet ingredients create magic and I’m on seventh heaven. As we cannot pamper ourselves with a nice spa or massage as we could easily in the pre-covid world, I try to find joys in these small self curated moments.

Also, I bumped into Phool, a luxury incense sticks and cone company on Instagram. The incense cone dipped in fragranted essential oils has now become my companion in my indoor workouts, yoga and meditation. If you are a fan of aromatherapy, the right products come your way automatically. If not, your drive will help you create one or find one.

Let me know what you feel of aromatherapy and how you incorporate it in your life. May your nose always stay happy along with all other sense organs. Happy aromatherapy!

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