The Meditative Reform

Eyes closed, spine straight, mind focused accompanied by mantra chants. That was the common definition of mediation a few years ago. Everyone was trying to understand the beauty of mediation and the powers it withheld as it could clear minds and provide peace and direction to the soul.

I often thought I would incorporate meditation in my morning ritual but could not get even close to it. Then I slightly modified my route. I played some melodious music like rain pouring, birds chirping at early dawn, waves going to and fro on a beach, Tibetan bowls and my favourite chant ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’. I tried to focus my attention to the tune playing and slowly tried to centre my thoughts.

My attempts were good but not satisfying. In the meanwhile my friend challenged me to run 100 kilometres in September. It was a heavy lift for me. It required me to organise my day and scoop out time to complete the challenge. Initially it a was a slog, but gradually I got used to it. While running I realised nothing disturbed me. It was just me happily sweating out my fat. The joy I felt after a run was immeasurable. I then accompanied my runs with the soulful music I had discovered in my quest to meditate.

Soon, running became my mediation. The days I ran, I slept peacefully. I then realised meditation isn’t about the posture or mantra. It’s about anything that helps you clear your mind. In those hours, you spend time with yourself aloof from your surroundings.

This thought was vouched my another incident. My mother daily takes a big bowl of fruits, four sweet limes, a pomogranete, an apple and other seasonal fruits. She happily peels and beautifully puts them in four plates for the four members in my family including her. One day I asked her, “Aren’t you bored peeling the same set of fruits at the same time of the day?” She said, “I thoroughly enjoy it. These colours, layers of skin, juices and aromas help me clean my mind. I get closer to God’s creation and can see nature’s processes so closely. The days I don’t peel fruits, I regret at night.”

I was shocked. I then associated the same thing I felt for running. Then I believed and understood that mediation isn’t just a preset form. It’s individualistic and can create different effects on different people. Let me know what is your form of meditation and when did you recognise it. Happy meditation!

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