The step challenge

With the onset of covid, indoor workouts have become the only option. The fitness freaks found solace without the gym equipments. Some took indoor workouts seriously as only staying at home meant putting on kilograms. While others slowly understood its importance when issues like bloating and fatigue crept up often.

The one rescue that grew amidst of all this, was the step challenge. Everyone started challenging each other, the greater the number of steps, the better. Everyone started walking with their cell phones in hand, to prove their sweat. Corporates and universities also initiated step challenges to keep their employees and students kick off towards fitness.

I myself thoroughly enjoy step challenges. They push you to go beyond your limits. They also inculcate a sense of dedication and foster competitiveness. However, one thing that I look forward to is calorie burnt challenge. When you do workouts other than running or walking, they do not get captured adequately in the step challenge. Walking and running are great forms of working out undeniably. But if we could compete against any form of workout we liked, it would be even better.

Let me know if there is one such platform, what you feel of the step challenge and the need for a calorie challenge. Till then, let’s aim to sweat it out with our favourite workouts.

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