Don’t look for peace on the internet. It’s all in your habits.

Undoubtedly internet is a temporary escape to most of our problems. It helps us to clear our mind where we keep scrolling and new content keeps popping up. And thanks to the artificial intelligence, all posts and advertisements are curated based on our likes and preferences. So, leaving the phone and closing the social media apps appears looks like a mammoth task. Who would want to leave the comfort of their couch and stop scrolling content they like?

Well that’s the real point. We are so bogged down by our work that we need an escape and social media happens to be an easy source for it. At the tip of a few clicks we are transposed to a different world altogether. Links and tags can take us further than imagined and not hitting the “Next Episode” is a crime. We are glued to the screen unaware of the fact that social media takes a good amount of our time.

Binge watching series and movies late night not only ruins our sleep cycles, but also the timetable for the next day gets haywire. We wake up with headaches and bloated stomachs. Skipping breakfasts and directly getting to brunch leads to gastritis at a young age.

While social media offers a good deal of motivational stories, posts that foster discipline and we do get motivated for a few minutes. We think, yes its enough. “I will work out from tomorrow” and then follow a new trainer. However, this motivation for most is temporary. We often see this vicious cycle of motivation-demotivation-motivation every month. The perfect disciplined life is far ahead of sight.

We get frustrated and start following depressing pages and get doomed of our own selves. If we are not mindful of our screen times, in the long run, we might get bogged down by the glamour it offers and start feeling low. The importance of controlling everything cannot be undermined as overindulgence of anything is bad.

If instead of the internet, if we start looking for peace and solace from our mundane and monotonous life in our own habits, things will begin to change gradually. Let us all try to look for what causes the bitterness. Here is an example of the introspection that I did for my own life.

My work got spilled till late evenings daily and I was not able to manage a work life balance. It either meant I was starting late or was not efficient enough. Then I thought a little deeper and understood the primary reason. Scrolling social media apps which I thought were relaxing after a long day at work. I used to sleep late, at around 2 a.m. daily. As a result, I couldn’t wake up on time. By the time I completed my morning rituals and got to work, half of the day was gone. I used to have brunch which made me slow and just sitting on the same chair for long hours made me slower. No workout, eating heavy without any movements took a toll on my digestive system too.

My eyes would strain as despite long screen hours at work, I would spend another two-three hour at night on social media. Everything in my life was disorganized. I was so disappointed that I wanted to quit everything and just run away. After a lot of thinking, I’m now trying to bring a little control over my life by not searching for peace externally rather internally. I have cut my phone use hours and spend time with my family for which I hardly had time.

I’m much more contented than I was before and do not complain about everything happening around me. With that said and sharing my own experience, I want you to think around the subject. Is overindulgence in social media indeed relaxing? Or is it your efforts that actually count.

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