Forests are beautiful. For they know the importance of self-care.

Working out is very important. We strive harder and harder to burn the maximum calories. However, a good workout should be followed by an adequate recovery. A good recovery is as important as your workout. It is a great practice to normalize your heartbeat gradually rather than suddenly, clean off the sweat and be back in clean clothes. For how good the task is, it must be followed by self-care.

You might have the best job, or you might be fortunate enough to work for your passion. Long work hours tire you but do not make you unsatisfied. You like to work and are always eager to stretch extra for it. However, do you take time out for yourself? I do not want you to answer randomly. Sit down, think and reflect. Calculate how many hours do you give yourself. Are you able to eat peacefully or are always on the go? Do you always aim to multitask and make the most of the time you have? You strive to achieve higher targets at the cost of your recreation. Is all the grind worth it?

Nature heals everyone. A beach view from the hotel room is a must, if you are a beach person. A wooden villa on the mountains, with snow falling outside and firewood burning inside are indeed soul nurturing. A hike in the woods always fills the heart with a lot of warmth. How are the beaches, mountains and forests so charming? How do they never loose their beauty and always grow younger with time?

All the clues lead to only one direction and that is selfcare. The trees in the forests do not wait for the mankind to come and water them. They know how to fight for their bit of sunshine, drink plenty of water from the ground and create their own food. They know when it is the time of the year to shed off the old leaves and grow new ones. Even though it means letting go off all the beauty, they do not shy away. For they know spring holds something far more beautiful for them than autumn. They know the significance of self-aid. They know nobody else can enhance their beauty but themselves. They take out time for their maintenance without shying off from their duty of growing fruits and vegetables and providing shade and oxygen along with many others.

If the most immobile creatures know the gravity of personal care, why can’t we humans pause and look at our states. Are we just pleasing the world or are good-looking internally? The beauty of nature can heal the biggest and the weightiest issues of humans. If we start taking care of ourselves, the level of frustration and irritation drops significantly.

The urge to take a vacation is much lesser than without a proper self-care regime. Once you dive into its beauty, there is no turning back. Let us pause from whatever we are doing and spend some time with ourselves. Not trying to meet targets, please someone or look or make the best. Let us just be kind to ourselves and appreciate all that we do throughout. Self-gratitude is best way to begin self-care.

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