The Sounds of Winter

Winter has already knocked the door and made us feel its presence. On setting with a cheerful thanksgiving gifting everyone a lovely time off, it makes sure it has a soft corner in everyone’s heart. Everything changes around this time of the year. From the kind of food we eat, to the kind of clothes we wear, to the skincare regime we follow, everything changes. It is indeed gratifying how a season can raise everyone’s spirits which was low after facing one of the most detestable times of their lives throughout this year. This season asks everyone to break their barriers and celebrate the feeling of gratitude which as an exercise, we all can follow throughout the year.

Winter not only makes our hearts merrier but ignites a feeling of rejoicing whatever we have. Everyone has their own way of celebrating this beautiful emotion sprung from this passionate weather. It is customary for many families to set up bonfire nights on their terrace. I see my neighbors arranging barbecue and karaoke nights along with firewood. Tiny rice lights twinkle to the tune of their chorus singing and jazzy dancing. With warm hearts, everyone looks forward to a positive and prosperous year.

I took a stroll this morning in my house garden after a very long time. The sense of light air hitting my face and ears, accompanied by birds chirping and leaves swaying was a delightful sensation. It hit all my sense organs and I realised how much I was missing by waking up late. Winter has a different set of vibes, and if you can feel it, you know what I’m speaking of.

When all the air conditioners and fans are off and you are under your quilt at night, everything seems still. As if the earth has stopped rotating and the only thing ticking is the wall clock. Even the tiniest decibel seems so loud. The tick tock of the wall clock appears louder than ever which we don’t even get to hear in any other season. When a mosquito flies close, it appears as if a jet has just passed above our head. The silence makes each motion reverberate in the surroundings.

I have a railway station a few kilometres away from my place. Because of this pandemic, it has been months since I have been there and had nearly forgotten about it. Last night, I heard a train whistle and could feel it approaching the platform right from my bed. I could picture all the passengers waiting for the train to arrive with their luggage. It was at that moment I realised the power of stillness and peace. With no movement at night, the mere sound of gulping water down becomes discreetly audible.  

I live in a region where it does not snow even, and it appears as if life has come to a halt. With morning sunshine, the motion resumes. Adorned in bright red and white costumes, winters bring in a whole lot of joy. From making gingerbread houses to snow laden decorative items to hosting games to drinking hot soups and singing carols, everything just excites me. Netflix is also flooded with movies celebrating the joyous season and I cannot stop listening to the sounds of winter! Can you too hear the voice of this season?

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3 thoughts on “The Sounds of Winter

  1. This was lovely. And you’re absolutely right. I do live in an area that gets snow, and there’s such a hush that falls over everything on snowy nights and mornings. When you walk outside, the sound of the snow crunching under your feet & looking around to see that yours are the only footprints in it make you feel as if you’re the only person in the world at that moment.


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