A letter for You!

Saturday nights are stormy. They come with a gust of emotions and overthinking is at its peak. You enter a zone where you question everything happening around. And on one such night, I was on my bed with my brain grinding hard in search of an idea for a startup that I dream to begin someday. I wanted to offer myself something more than just a job. This pandemic had made it even more difficult as I didn’t really know how to satisfy my self-actualization needs. With so many thoughts buzzing in my head, it was a real challenge to find a peaceful night’s sleep. But this time I did not allow nighttime to overpower me.

I knew things would remain the same unless I acted upon them. Without thinking why, I went ahead to set up what I had decided. I switched on my laptop in the middle of that night and made this WordPress account, Alphabetical Mirage. The fact that I could own this blog, design and write whatever I felt like, edit and proofread for myself gave me infinite satisfaction. I have always been in the reader writer club and now with this blog, I knew I had a platform to do everything from scratch, for myself.

I must admit that blogging is a new world for me, and I realized that it all about taking decisions. It begins with deciding the topic to the content structure to the choice of words and finally being happy with the result. The authority it offers to do our best and take our own decisions is incomparable to any other job.

It is now, that I realized that mathematics wasn’t really a subject that allowed us to solve problems. It was indeed literature, the chapters and the poems that have stayed with us and have kept us going in hard times. We might have forgotten the formulas we practiced the most but can still recall the lessons we read only a few times. Writing has a lot of power and we do not know what stays with whom, forever.

Through this letter, I call you a winner if you have survived the tornado of thoughts that some nights put up, collected them and woken up sane and fresh the next morning. If you have you ever faced a similar hurricane and overcame it, I request you to write back to this letter. I would love to hear how you won something that attacked you every night. I would certainly relate to your story because the sense of accomplishment I feel after being satisfied with my post is inexplicable. I’m a much better and a satisfied version of myself since the advent of this blog. I know you too would be stronger, after all you have fought many tough battles and have achieved massive victories. Looking forward to hearing your stories either via the comment section or through email: contact.alphamirage@gmail.com. Hope to keep these open letters ongoing!

Take care and stay safe!

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