Holidays, where are you?

I abhor my body clock as it jeopardizes my morning timetable. I don’t know why I wake up in the middle of the night. As soon as open my eyes, my hands search for my phone where I straightaway open my mail. I read all the new arrivals, mark my tasks and again get back to sleep.

For the last two weeks, my days are so cramped that when my alarm officially rings at 8, even before heading to the washroom, I switch on my laptop. I aim to save the booting time when I’m back and again scan through my emails, in case anything new has arrived.

Having completed my morning rituals, I get to work which seems never ending until ten or even midnight. Working in a corporate in the work from home environment is not easy. Emails are a game and eating up credit is even easier. Sitting in the same position for more than twelve hours straight makes me hit the bed as soon as I can. With so much going on, my health and my blog suffered.

My workout routine has been choppy ever since and my blog has been dead too. My head is filled with ideas and though I exactly know what to write, I am unable to devote the required time. For most of you have understood by now, writing is my hobby and I enjoy sharing my experiences on this blog which indeed is my escape from stress.

After working so hard all this while, I am now craving for a break. I undoubtedly enjoy my work but then I realized it is better to draw a line. Work will always be there. I will have to scoop out time for the other things I love.  

For starters, this blog is special to me. Though I despise sitting in front of the laptop on weekends for work, I enjoy writing for my blog. Also, I love to do rope jumps and even though it hardly takes twenty minutes to accomplish a high intensity workout, I have been lazy with work being my excuse. I have hardly taken any leave since this pandemic hit us.

Hence, this weekend, I did something different. I switched off my phone and gave myself a day off. It made me think where I was heading, how addicted I’m to refreshing apps. I understood that holidays will never come to me, until I get to them. My days can be a less stressful, if I end things when they are supposed to. I realised, I can replace vacations with staycations and should try digital detox often. This way, though not a proper outdoor holiday, I will still be able to hold my sanity and make work feel less burdensome.

Though my realisation is late, I’m happy that I finally aiming to change and marking 2021 as a year of discipline. With Christmas getting closer, I finally hear holidays smiling and replying, “Hey! I’m right there”. I’m eagerly waiting for the week long holiday and gearing up for 2021. Are you too looking forward to a holiday?

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