To-do lists won’t help unless you want to change

If you still are not able to get your shit right, it’s not because you lack time, its because you lack discipline.
– Anonymous

This quote is extremely relevant for 2020. It must have pinched only if you lacked discipline and had a hard time accustoming yourself with the new indoor life. Unfortunately, it stung me hard. Nevertheless, I’m highly motivated for changing things in 2021 as my annual resolution list is ready.

On that note, let me show you my resolution list which I prepared back in late 2019 for 2020. I’m sure this is enough to give you a good laugh.

  • Brush teeth before sleeping
  • Do meditation daily
  • Help mom in daily chores
  • Sleep early
  • Take my vitamin tablet daily
  • Drink eight glasses of water daily
  • Fill my daily journal
  • Run Zen mode before sleeping
  • Worship God daily
  • Self-development for thirty minutes (french classes, vocabulary, reading etc)
  • Skipping rope with at least thousand jumps
  • Wash face before sleeping

This was me back then, after downloading a very appealing habit tracking app and taking the paid version to get the best results. Alas, I did not use it for almost 360 days after the craze fuzzed out. Now, after a year, my resolutions are still the same.

This made me realize nothing can bring a change unless we really want to. Checklists, to-do-apps or lists and habit trackers are all mechanisms to boost our motivation and remind us that we need to get started. The real kick is mental.

Let’s make a mental note of all our resolutions for 2021. After surviving one of the most challenging year, annual resolutions shouldn’t be a “challenge” for us. I’m all geared up and hope you too are looking forward to 2021.

If you have taken annual resolutions, let me know what they are. I suggest taking them in such a manner where you can reflect upon them at the end of the year. 

A very Happy New Year to all my readers! See you in 2021! Stay safe, work hard and party harder!! Lots of love, Alphabetical Mirage!!

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