A-Z of blogging: Hello 2021

When I started this blog in October, I had no clue what blogging was and how things function. All I had was the zeal to write as it gave me peace. Merely in a span of seventy days (just trying to be precise!), I have learnt a lot. And this because of my lovely readers and my fellow bloggers. Hence, here I am, putting up A to Z of blogging that I have learnt so far.

  • About is an important page in a blog. It tells the reader what the blog is all about.
  • Blog is where a blogger uploads its posts. Together, all bloggers make the blogging community.
  • Comment is every blogger’s favourite. To know what the reader feels after reading helps the blogger grow.
  • Click to a post’s link drives traffic. Every blogger wishes the maximum number of clicks.
  • Draft posts have so many stories which are awaiting to be filed to perfection.
  • Email subscribers make bloggers happy. Isn’t it amazing to reach to the inboxes of so many people?
  • Editing is an aspect that cannot be undermined. Never getting attached to the first version, always edit.
  • “My reader started following my blog”. Bliss!
  • Google linking was something I learnt in this journey. Getting your posts to Google’s first search page is indeed an achievement.
  • Guest posts are always fun and a win-win deal!
  • Hard work goes behind every post. Hours of thinking, editing and designing make a post.
  • Instagram is an important market penetration tool used by most bloggers.
  • Jetpack is the superhero which links the blog to social media.
  • Keywords are the spine of every post which I’m still learning to choose wisely.
  • Likes will follow once you start giving what the audience wants. “My reader liked this post”. Bliss!
  • Media is the wrapper of a post and frames the mindset of the reader. If the wrapper is shabby, no one will want to unwrap it.
  • Mistakes are the pillars for success. There is a hell heaven difference between my initial posts and my current post. Also, learning is a continuous process.
  • Notes will follow every blogger. I keep scribbling ideas and experiences that I want the world to know. Do you too?
  • Original content will find audience. Period.
  • Post is the blood of every blog. What you are reading is one such post.
  • Pinterest is another great social media app to draw audience.
  • Plugin is accessible to only certain versions of WordPress. Once activated, they make life easier.
  • Quora is every blogger’s favourite, though I’m not there on it yet. Are you?
  • Readers ultimately read posts. And yes, bloggers are also readers!
  • Reblogging is posting someone’s post on to your own blog. Have you ever reblogged?
  • Stats are the numbers behind the blog. Have you ever analyzed the trends showcased by your blog?
  • Scheduled posts are heaven for every blogger. Something is ready feels so good.
  • Tags play an important part. I choose what I read by my tags and assume so do you.
  • Twitter is awesome. Less is more and you say it all.
  • Theme is the look and feel of a blog. The simpler, the better.
  • Upgrading my plan is on my list once I hit my benchmark. Cannot wait for that day.
  • Visitors and views are the heartbeat of every blog. With each refresh, every blogger wishes the number shoots up.
  • WordPress is the where this beautiful world exists and drives content to infinite websites.
  • Every blogger has its own X-Factor which can be felt in the posts. I can feel it while reading. Do you feel it too?
  • You are a part of the published post. Hence, being myself and writing honestly are my ground rules.
  • Zen mode is difficult for bloggers with the WordPress app installed on phone. But sometimes, it is good to be on a blogcation, vacation from your blog.

Time will teach me more and I will have an upgraded list soon. Let me know if you could relate to this A-Z or you want to add anything more. We can together come up with another A-Z! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to collaborate! Have an amazing year, keep shining on! Stay safe!

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