Blood with a touch of green

My company has a very robust corporate social responsibility plan. And the best part is it allows its employees to be a part of it. So, whenever I get an opportunity, I try to participate. One such initiative was a “Go Green” drive where we could adopt a plant. As soon as I saw the mail, I enrolled myself to be a plant mom. Soon, I was handed a yellow pot with a cute sapling in it (picture below).

I happily bought it home and, in a year, that little sapling has grown into a decent size. It was my first house plant and I took its care with all my heart. As my affection for plants grew stronger, I decided to add more members to the plant family.

God’s colour pallete is amazing

After taking all the safety measures, I visited a nearby nursery and was overwhelmed by God’s creation. So many types of flowers, leaves, colours and shapes! I wish I could buy all of them! By merely looking at the greenery around, I forgot all the sorrow the world had thrown at me. Undoubtedly, staying amidst nature automatically heals us. Even the variety of pots left me awestruck.

It was a real challenge to narrow down to the ones I wanted to take home. After a lot of thinking, I picked two golden bamboo’s, a marigold and a white Petunia (picture below). With a lot of joy, I bought the four pots home and now, the five plants proudly sit in my balcony. I check them every morning and water them once in two days. When I see the leaves swinging along with the winter breeze, I freeze and continue looking at them, smiling.

I have also bought coriander seeds which has been a part of my winter gardening ritual for several years now. Gardening has a soft corner in my heart. Touching leaves and watching water seep into the soil is an exquisite feeling. And after this nursery visit, I cannot wait to visit it again.

Well, my blood has a touch of green!

Here are a few pictures that I clicked upon my visit to the nursery.

There were different sections for indoor and outdoor plants. Plus a separate area for fruits and vegetables.
They were so tiny. God is great!
My first baby plant which is this big now
The five member family

Also, there is an exclusive video of the nursery on my Instagram page which I’m sure you would not miss. Do you love plants, and have you ever adopted one? Share your plant stories and pictures with me as I would love to see them!

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