How can you complete everything, every day?

We all plan our to-dos for the day with a lot of positivity in the morning. However, as the day progresses, we tend to get lethargic and loose motivation. At the end of the day, when we have tasks left undone, we feel guilty for not meeting the targets set. Things begin to pile up and slowly start getting out of control.

Sometimes, we tend to overestimate our abilities but fall flat on our face because of our incorrect estimations. We set our goals high because we want to accomplish everything in a day. Well, it is not easy to do everything, every day. However, disciplinarians have proved that nothing is impossible. From an extremely jeopardized life, we can get to a completely organized timetable.

All it takes is the courage to get started. Here are a few easy lifestyle changes that will help you achieve everything you want.

1. Preparing to-dos a day in advance

Try planning the next day before sleeping to avoid morning rushes and surprises. It will allow you to prioritize and also estimate the time required to complete everything. Once you have noted all the tasks along with their designated time for the following day, you already know by when you will wrap up things even before starting the day!

2. Using the Pomodoro Technique

We all tend to procrastinate things we do not like. It is very natural and ultimately all such tasks pile up. Wrapping up that bit is the most difficult part. To avoid such situations, try using the pomodoro technique.

This technique requires you to set a timer for 25 minutes. You should continue working on the task for the scheduled time without any distractions. When the set time is over, you should reward yourself for working diligently. It can be a simple reward, like giving yourself a break for ten minutes before you begin the timer again. If you get into the state of flow within those scheduled minutes, there are chances that you might end up working more than the set time! If beginning with 25 minutes seems difficult, starting with 10 minutes isn’t a bad idea too!

3. Setting achievable and realistic goals

We all think we are superhumans and add more to the checklist than we should. I have done this innumerable times and have faced the consequences. People mocked at me and I thought I was inefficient. But the reality was that I was adding more pressure onto myself which wasn’t really needed. Only if we keep realistic targets, we will be able to achieve them. Setting unachievable goals ruins the purpose of planning.

4. Maintaining punctuality

Being punctual is a hard trait to master. It requires a very strong mind to control a lazy body. Missing the morning alarm, skipping breakfasts, breaking traffic signals, rising just before the deadline or missing deliverables are not the best things to experience. Things look unachievable only if we begin late. An early start will always have an early finish and will also leave a room to accomplish more.

I know it is easier said than done. But if we really want to achieve more in life, we must change. CEOs of top companies in the world are all early risers and have made these small changes in their lives from an early age. These are now a part of their daily habits.

Now it is your time.

Do you really want to change?

Do you want to achieve a lot more than what you are achieving now?

Do want to show the world what you are actually capable of?

Then promise yourself to bring these simple changes in your life. Will you?

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