Do you zoom in or zoom out emotions?

Imagine someone said something good about you in the morning. Later in the day, you end up having a tiff with that person and exchange harsh words. You have now felt two different sets of feelings in a very short time. Think and answer, which emotion would you typically be zooming in and which emotion would you be zooming out?

Zooming in and out emotions is very similar to what we do to pictures on our phones

We zoom in some, while zoom out others. In life, most of us tend to zoom in the negatives. We brood over incidents and overcook thoughts. Just as an image gets blurred when zoomed in too much, overthinking can kill our mental peace and clarity. Even the tiniest words hit us more than they should. We crib over happenings that do not go our way.

What if instead of taking a closer look, we zoomed out those thoughts till they became insignificant?

I’m not asking you to get detached but to find the perfect resolution. Sometimes distancing ourselves or letting things the way they are can help us avoid a lot of mental stress. Zooming out stuff gives you a larger view and allows you to see things which you were ignoring earlier.

Hence, finding the right balance is extremely important to enjoy the complete picture. Magnifying right areas, like happiness can add more value to your life.

It is upon you which lens you ultimately pick. I’m sure you will be able to decide when your lens needs a change. To analyze your angle of looking at things, I urge you to observe your thoughts. Think, how often do you zoom in or zoom out?

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