Do you give more than what is needed?

Do you love something or someone beyond measure and have invested a lot energy towards it? It can be your job where you give more than what is needed just for a double-digit hike. Or it might be overburdening yourself with responsibilities that were never meant for you.

It may be your academics where you become unnecessarily competitive. Or it can also be your relationship where you always set aside your ego in order to save it. When you keep on giving, people expect more and start taking advantage of you.

They know, for whatever be the scenario, you are coming along without even asking you. They assume you are going to eat italian without even knowing your preferences. They tell you how to behave, when to speak, how much to speak, what to wear, what to give, what to buy, what to upload, what to delete, what to watch. Basically, everything about you is planned by others. Because you value relationships more than your choices, you do not counter. Due to the image you have created for yourself in the past, bringing in change and placing your point looks impossible. You start thinking what others are going to think if you break your cocoon. Though you want to scream a big “NO”, you agree to their terms and conditions smilingly.

Hey there! This life is yours. Do not allow others to control it. If you do not want to go to the party, say no. If you want to cut out unnecessary formalities, just be blunt. It is okay to raise your hand and express yourself. After all, it is your opinion and has an equal weight.

I’m sure once you have expressed yourself, you will feel better. Succumbing to others wishes out of pure love is acceptable, but not always. You got all the strength, talent, and power to show the world that you are your own master. Rise up and stand by your choices. Show the world that you are happier without the overly controlling beings. And there is nothing wrong in doing what you like!

Promise to prioritize yourself over anything else. It will not be easy but will be totally worth it. Do not be scared to follow your heart when a similar situation arises. I’m sure you will not break your promise for your own good. More power to you!

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