Why small gestures matter and a freebie for you

Do you remember the last time you smiled when someone did special something for you? Try recalling the surprise gifts your loved ones sent and the parties they arranged for you. Don’t you feel blessed?

Well, I’m truly thankful to God for sending such amazing gems in my life. I have a loving family and a set of crazy friends who love me more than I can think of. They exactly know what makes me happy and extend unconditional love and support. It does not matter what is the scale of what they are doing for me, rather their efforts that really counts. It is because of them I’m able to fight the challenges life throws up.

I understand the importance of small meaningful gestures and here I am doing my bit in making your life better. Here is the FREE MEANINGFUL MARCH TRACKER.

Let us all try not to make March just another month of the year but meaningful. Let us try to create new good habits, destroy the bad ones and bring about the change we were always looking for. Here is the glimpse of the tracker which you can use and push yourself to be better.

You can add up to four new habits that you want to cultivate in the month. I urge you to fill the tracker daily to make the most out of it. You can either take a print out or use the e-version on your phone/iPad. Mark your successes with a fixed colour, say blue, and misses with red. At the end of the month, aim to have all blues instead of red. And soon your life will be closer to what you dreamt off.

Here are my daily goals for the month:

  1. Walk/run a total of 8000 steps
  2. Wake up by 8 a.m. which means sleeping on time
  3. Drink 8 glasses of water
  4. Fill my daily gratitude journal

I aim to share my daily progress on my Instagram handle. So do follow it closely and don’t forget to tag me when you share your progress stories. I would love to see them all!

In case you want to add more goals, you can make multiple copies of the MEANINGFUL MARCH tracker. Do let me know what your goals are and how are you aiming to achieve them.

Get your copy of the tracker by clicking on the download button below!

Also, do not forget to follow my blog so that we all can grow together.

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