Conversations with the moon

Sometimes I stand in my balcony,
And stare at the moon.
Wondering how and why,
God created the beautiful silver sphere?

Hey moon! Do you too feel complex,
Of your shape and size?
Being the odd one out,
Among millions of stars?

Are you just like us,
Imperfect yet trying to be strong?
Do the little spots bother you,
And you on purpose hide behind the clouds?

Do you also take some me time,
Or are you too harsh on yourself?
How much courage does it take you,
To go from new moon to full moon?

Don’t you feel lonely,
Seeing the stars blinking together in patterns?
Or you are an introvert bogged down with responsibility,
That you show up every night?

Don’t you get bored,
Of rising daily at the same place?
Do you also wish,
To take a break and run away?

Do you wait for us to look at you?
Or you don’t care at all?
And that is why you didn’t allow,
Life to grow on you?

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