Why doesn’t your blog grow despite the hardest efforts?

I have a full-time job and after completing my day’s work, I pour my heart here. It is so healing! But at the back of my mind, somewhere I crave for likes. I want to more people to see what I write. Off late, none of my posts were doing great. It was because I took out all my anger in my posts. Later I realized, if something was written with so much of negativity, it would certainly not connect with people.

The same day my friend messaged me that my posts were getting monotonous. All I was doing was cribbing about all the negative stuff happening around. After discussing with him, I made a few conclusions as to why my blog was not growing despite the hardest efforts:

1. Saturated content

My niche has a very simple essence. Maintaining a positive attitude in life and working hard with sanity intact. Everyone knows this. Even if I strung thousands of words differently and said the same thing, no one would want to read a long story with the same moral again and again. In a crux, that could be the case with your blog too. Your content is getting saturated. Maybe it is the right time to try a new niche or pool in guest posts.

2. Writing in a style that your readers prefer

Most of the time my content was good. My presentation was the problem. I kept on writing paragraphs without any images and bullets. As a reader, if someone asked me to read a dull book, I would fall sleepy. So, I realized I must make my posts more picturesque and easier to read. Readers see posts outside in. If the packaging is appealing, they continue reading.

3. Too much content punched in a post

I love writing and that is the reason I started blogging. But my biggest mistake was to write three-thousand-word posts. All my posts were good, but had too much punched into one. Readers left reading midway. So, off late I have started breaking my posts into episodes. This way I can interlink my posts, keep my audience engaged and continue writing till I have said all that I had!

4. Not seeking feedback

I kept on writing without asking people around me how it felt to read my posts. I never thought if my posts were adding any value to them or they were reading because they were close to me? I rolled out a Google form and realised that they enjoyed reading it on some days only. You can too roll out a Google form and also discuss in detail with your close ones as to why they disliked some of your posts. Consider them as a sample from your audience.

Does any of these problems connect with you and your blog? Try using the remedies I tried which have started working for me! Let me know if there are any other potential issues that we bloggers should be aware off.

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