5 inexpensive ways of upskilling yourself this summer

Continuous learning is the secret for continuous growth and who does not like growth? Learning requires a lot of hard work, dedication and some cost. Though we are ready to invest our time and energy, the thought of shelling out money does not seem to be the best idea always. As I am mostly on a lookout for getting things done in the most inexpensive way, I found ways of upskilling too!

1. Duolingo

I’m sure you want to be a multilinguistic. Be it for an addition to your CV or simply preparing for your next holiday destination, learning a new language is always a great idea. Duolingo offers free coaching for several languages and millions including me are practicing lessons every day. Je parle français – guess the language I’m learning!

2. Podcasts

I was always a fan of reading and undermined podcasts. But in this fast pacing world, we ought to catch up and podcasts are a great source. Millions of podcasts are available on apps like Spotify, Anchor, Google podcasts, Apple podcasts etc. You can easily install any app of your choice and follow topics that interest you and become a pro in no time!

3. YouTube

Yes! There are infinite tutorial videos available on YouTube. Be it learning a programming language or solving a math problem or baking a brownie or sweating in a Zumba session. You name it and YouTube has it all! I realized this late but instead of scrolling and spending hours watching random videos, we can make something meaningful out of YouTube.

4. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

There are many courses offered by universities and specialized professors help us understand complex subjects. Websites like Coursera and Udemy offer inexpensive courses while some of them are free too. While it takes some money to buy the certificate, I often do the entire free course and do not run after the certificate. Afterall, upskilling is more valuable!

5. Email subscriptions

Every field has some established websites which are a great source of information. Say, if you are an accountant, you can subscribe to websites run by famous tax advisory firms or regulatory bodies of your country or accounting and auditing governing authorities. The list is not inclusive and infinite options are available upon searching the internet. Subscribing to such website will give you direct access to updates right in your inbox. Isn’t that amazing?

Resources are available and I think we should not always complain. Rather, we should look at the solutions available around us and invest in ourselves. When summers punched with the effects of the pandemic will make stepping outside difficult, let us try using these inexpensive means to kill long days filled with boredom and grow at the same time!

Do you know some other inexpensive means to upskill yourself? I’m all ears!

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