5 blogging hacks I learnt from successful bloggers

When I read started my blog and read other bloggers, I felt overwhelmed as well as anxious. I had sleepless nights and wondered whether my blog would ever grow? I realized every blogger had their unique style and each post had a different vibe. When I compared their posts with mine, I found my posts to be bland.

It was then I realized that creating a good reader experience and growing my own blog were my two major blogging goals. Achieving them simultaneously would require me do things more than only writing. I studied the blog posts of several established bloggers and picked up these five extremely important blogging tricks.

1. Using the “continue reading” tool

Initially, I did not use the continue reading feature. So, even though my subscribed readers read my posts, they did not fetch any views. I was happy that they were reading but dull stats worried me. So, I started using the “read more” feature. I understood the importance of the opening paragraph and the placement of the tool so that readers actually continued reading. If you are not using this feature currently, I advise you to use it right away.

2. Template building

For months, my template was the default one. I was scared to play with templates as I was new to blogging and website building. But a blog post looks great not only because of the content but also the because of the presentation that runs behind it. I understood the importance of building a colour palette for my blog, using the right font and sticking around the same tones in order to create the best reader experience. If you have not updated the template of your blog, I recommend you give it a shot.

3. Logo and rebranding

I started my blog with a lot of gusto and my logo was created in minutes in the haste of publishing my blog. I did not give a lot of thought of what my logo should look like. So, I rebranded my logo with more meaning and thought. Are you satisfied with your logo? Logos play a pivotal role when bloggers send media kits to companies for fetching advertisements.

4. Interlinking posts

I never linked any of interrelated posts until I saw most bloggers doing it and I myself clicking on some of their links. Interlinking allows readers to stay longer in your blog. So, if you have related posts, try to link them at the correct place in your current post.

5. Formatting

Shabby formatting ruins it all. You may have the best of the content, but a poorly formatted article will not bring your readers back. Font consistency, size consistency, using headers at appropriate places and not trying to bold everything are the basics of formatting any given post. Do you use a blog formatting checklist?

I learnt these hacks with a lot of effort and am still trying to figure out a lot. The WordPress chat support has been very helpful in this journey and helped me understand the technical aspect of blogging. I hope you are already using the hacks as a blogger. If not, I request to incorporate then at the earliest!

What blogging hacks did you learn from other successful bloggers? Let me know!

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