Life lessons from three generations

Life never stops for anyone. Different experiences evolve us, we learn from them and grow. Sometimes life lessons are learnt in small instances and they stay with us forever. Each one of us will have a different take on the mantra to keep moving on in life. Given life will always be a rough battle, I asked my grand mom and my mom to pen down what were the biggest lessons life taught them. In the end, I added whatever I had gathered in these little years! It was an eye-opening experience on how differently we think as we grow old!

By my grand mom: The earlier you make a connection with God, the better

Life will always be busy. You will have thousands of responsibilities up on your shoulders amidst which, you will lose yourself. You will slowly question your existence and burn your inner peace. To ensure that you do not loose yourself midway, you should connect with God. It can either be by thanking God daily or getting into deeper connections with the almighty through meditations, prayer sessions, reading mythological books or mantra chanting. All these activities keep the faith in greater good alive and will help you control your anger, greed and jealously.

By my mom: You will have to accept change with time

You cannot live with just one ideology. Given you will be the bridge between the older and the younger generation, you will have to be flexible. You will have to adapt yourself with new technologies and at the same time respect people who do not know how to use them. You will need to accept that sometimes you might be wrong and the younger ones are correct. Life cannot be run by bossing around. You will have to be a team player.

By me: Work hard, party hard!

You cannot touch success unless you work hard. Do not cut on hard work ever. Be the hardest worker around, shine and never stop. But when the work mode is over, forget as if you had any goals and rejoice every moment. Do not neglect joys in simple things like playing board games with cousins or digging into a panna cotta with friends or screaming hard in a concert. Be bold, travel (after it is safe, ofcourse!) and do not be afraid to be different. (People around me hate reading and call blogging silly, even then I keep writing!)

It will be great if you imbibed life lessons from all three generations in your life at the earliest possible. Let me know which lesson connected the maximum with you and what is the biggest lesson you learnt in your life that you want to share with the whole world. I’m all ears!


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