Pros and cons of going against your parents

When you enter adulthood, the fire in you is unparalleled. You think you can conquer the world and can touch heights that nobody in your family ever thought. You want to explore everything that comes your way and try to convince your parents to give you the green signal to walk the untrodden path.

Sometimes, out of care, your parents may refrain you from doing something. You get infuriated and go all armed to win the battle of trying to convince them. If at all they do not approve your choices, you have two options. Either to go against them and follow your dream or quietly succumb. It all depends upon you and how you weigh the pros and cons of going against your parents.

Pros of going against your parents

  • You live your life on your own terms
  • You can be better than what your parents expected and make them proud
  • You become far more courageous, confident and independent
  • You learn to face comments and wrath from the society
  • You can be an example for all the younger members out there

Cons of going against your parents

  • You feel guilty by disobeying them
  • You add onto their stress by not listening to them
  • You bring them shame and mocks by being “unconventional”
  • If things go wrong, it becomes impossible to rebuild their trust
  • Your parents will have to repair the damage done by you

Both of them will have their own sets of emotional turmoils and repercussions. Judge them carefully before moving ahead with either!

Have you ever gone against your parents? Well, I have!

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