Safety, Savings and Strength: What are your goals for remaining 2021?

When the clock struck twelve and we screamed, happy new year, I had very different aspirations for 2021. I thought we were close to the end of the pandemic; offices would reopen by mid-year, and weekends would soon behave like weekends. I thought I would wear my formal clothes which were lying dead in my cupboard and feel the joy of getting ready once again.

Well, when reality hits you, it hits you hard. Today, it feels like 2021 never even started. These three and a half months were just an extension of 2020 which is super stubborn to leave all of us. We all are back again, at the same place with the same issues and same fears (or maybe less). I know I will be working from home once again and must strike off vacations from my wish list for the year. But I will have to make peace with it.

The more I think about the “why” and “what if”, it hurts me more. So here I am, revising my goals for the year, and urge you too to rethink where you want to stand at the end of 2021.


I will do my best to stay indoors and step out only when it is an extreme necessity. I might have a strong immunity system to fight the virus, but the fear of transmitting it to my parents and grandparents is enough to stop me from going outside. In the best interest of my family members, I aim to support them and not create more problems by cribbing about going out. Safety is of utmost importance at the stage we all are in now.


I do not know why savings hate me. My bank balance just does not increase. Unplanned sudden shopping sprees and never-ending wish lists on different shopping platforms have to end. I have to stop falling in the trap of marketing schemes. My cravings for junk food have to also lesson for dual benefits: savings and weight reduction. We all work very hard but only a handful can save. I want to join that minority club and see how it feels, for once.


My mental peace has been worse hit by this pandemic. I am overthinking all the time and don’t know where my day goes. I wake up, eat, think and sleep. That’s it. But for how long? If this virus is not leaving us anytime soon, our mental strength must be stronger to fight against it. How long can we continue punishing ourselves?

I have put on weight while working from a couch and laptop throughout the past year. This year, I will have to change my means and get walking. My mental and physical strength will be my top priorities for the remaining year.

How has 2021 been treating you so far and how do you plan to treat the remaining of it? What are your 2021 goals and where do you want to be by the end of the year?

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