You won’t believe what happened when I changed just one thing

I have never written something of this sort before and I am so proud of myself for writing this piece. I promise this is the best thing you are going to read today.

I’m sure you are curious as to what is that one thing that I changed and what happened thereafter. You are already reading what has changed without realizing it! I urge you to go back to any of my previous posts. You will find that all of them had one thing in common, negativity and cribbing.

I cried about working a lot, longing for holidays, not being able to maintain a healthy work life balance or just sharing my frustration which only aggrandized. Over the last few months, I fought with every person I encountered. It was like I was attracting conflicts and no one looked forward to speaking with me.

Can you cut this and tell me what changed? Well, here you are!

April was a life changing month for me where I decided to revamp my thought process. I consciously cut out overthinking and replaced negative thoughts with positive ones. Reducing overthinking turned out to be the magic potion in my life. I took things slowly, did not overestimate my skills and even took a break from blogging and my job.

After my decently successful mental training, here I am, writing again. But for a change, I’m not complaining rather appreciating. I want to thank God for giving me such a lovely family, rock solid friends, a job to look forward to and sending good food in such difficult times.

I’m way more happier and chirpy now, something which I never felt before! I hope my positive attitude touches you and I continue to write posts that make you smile and not frown.

Do you overthink? Do you have questions about my journey of slashing my negative perspective? Let me know!

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