Has anyone ever told you that your dreams are unrealistic?

Dreams. Did this six letter word rekindle any emotions? If yes, welcome to my world, you are my friend buddy. I do not openly discuss about my vision thinking people will call me mad. But because we are pals now, I will tell you about my aspirations.

I do not know if it is good or bad, but my dreamy eyes sometimes do not let me sleep. Too many thoughts, too many ideas and a never ending cycle of motivation keeps fuelling my dream machine.

The voice in me says, “You can change the world. Your hardwork will change your fate. You will make your parents proud”. I was like this in school even, not that adulthood did something new to me.

You are so much like me if you made it till here

I dream of starting my media company with this blog running number one on Google. I dream of having the perfect abs and wearing a well fitting suit to office in pencil heels. I dream of giving a TED talk someday. YES, BIG DREAMS.

Far away from who I am currently, I have no clue if I will ever get there. The fear doesn’t stop me from writing on my beautiful blog, trying to scoop out time for a sweaty run and honing up my soft skills.

I admit my dreams are not something every ordinary person can achieve. But then, dreams are dreams. And what is the point of dreaming something reachable?

You say I dream too big. I say you think too small.


It took me a lot of courage to pour out my dreams here. Somewhere I had read, where there is courage, nothing is impossible. So I will continue to dream.

Hello dreamer! Do not hesitate to share your dreams here. This courage will be the stepping stone in the process. Trust me.

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The wait

I don’t know what am I waiting for. But I certainly am waiting. I don’t even know how long should I wait for the unknown to unfold.


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