What is your favourite social media app and whose account do you love?

For almost a year, my favourite social media application was Instagram. However, over the last few months, my favourite social media application has changed. Yes, it is YouTube! It feels amazing to know so many YouTubers out there.

YouTube has now become my go-to app. Be it doing surya namaskars or just watching any random vlog or learning something new, YouTube never disappoints me! It is not easy to speak to a camera alone yet they do it with such finesse. I admire the amount of efforts YouTubers put in, how wonderfully they edit and look so amazing at the same time!

Some YouTubers are so fun loving, radiate positivity and express themselves so naturally. One such amazing individual is Radhi Devlukia. Whenever I watch any of her videos, I can feel the positivity right in my stomach. Her inspiration was so infectious that I restarted journaling.

I will not speak much about her but ask you to watch my favourites from her channel.

This is my personal favourite and I was in awe of her take on emotions.

My love for self growth, self care and building a relationship with myself connected the most with her. She advocates loving yourself in every situation, coming out of your comfort zone but avoiding being overly self critical. I love the vibe she brings with herself!

I will continue to explore YouTube and keep sharing my personal favorites. If you have any favourites, do let me know! Happy watching!

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7 thoughts on “What is your favourite social media app and whose account do you love?

  1. You’re posts are very creative,innovative and motivating. They are amazing and are brimming with positivity and act as the perfect catalyst to my otherwise lazy unmotivated self. I am possibly your biggest fan and would like to meet you someday. Are you planning any fan meets?

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