I want to lead a happy life but do not know where to start

I have two questions for you. First, do you know what makes you feel lively and adds to your joy? Second, what burns you and adds to your stress? Understanding these two will solve most of your problems.

Let me start with a simple example from my own experience. My happiness was always dependant upon something I did not possess. It was always like, “If I have this, everything will be so easy and all my problems will sort out”. Often, immediately after owning it, a new requirement popped up.

Do you too have an unending wishlist?

It is okay to have a wishlist, to run after things and working hard to own them. But when not getting them takes a toll on your happiness, that becomes a problem. And it is not just with materialistic things.

It can be not appreciating the food you get to eat or the job that helped you earn respect or your family who sacrificed so much for your happiness. It was then I realised that if I started appreciating what I had and not cribbed about what would have happened if the situation was otherwise, I will add to my happiness.

Here is the secret to a happy life

The key to a happy life is very simple. Adding what makes you happy and subtracting what makes you sad. Understanding this philosophy is not that difficult. The difficulty begins when you have to identify what those hidden treasures and pain areas are.

The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.

– Thich Nhàt Hanh

I started appreciating more and complaining less. This change seems small but the magnitude of the impact is unparalleled. Make the most of this simple philosophy, add the good, delete the bad and witness the difference yourself.

What is your equation of happiness? Share it here and let us all grow together!


Here is how I spend my Sundays

Sundays have a different feel. I feel so happy in the morning, like nothing to do all day! Just be yourself, chill and enjoy! By the time its evening, the happiness slowly turns in mild sadness as to why is it getting over. Oh Lord, again 5 days of slogging ahead!

10 little things that will make you smile instantly

What is your ideal definition of happiness? Of course it’s subjective, but your very own interpretation of happiness keeps evolving with age. In order to achieve the ‘ideal’ picture worthy moments, we end up on missing those little joys life has to offer. Let’s change our lenses and hunt for those little smiles instead.


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6 thoughts on “I want to lead a happy life but do not know where to start

  1. Reading your blog is a meditative experience. It serves as a mirror for all our tired cribbing souls guiding us just like the stars guide the lonely traveller.
    I would suggest that you try to reach out to as many people as possible so that your wise words could help them tide over these difficult times.
    What the world needs more than anything else is positivity and there’s no better place to get it from.
    By the way, do you sell fan merch?


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