Summit Day 1 – 10 Questions That Bloggers Should Regularly Ask Themselves

Welcome to the first day of the “7 DAY BLOGGING SUMMIT”. I am extremely proud of you and happy that you took the decision of joining the summit. I am sure you will attend all seven meetings and take a lot with you by the end of the summit.

As a blogger it is extremely important to you know yourself. And that personal clarity will reflect in your blog. In our first meeting of the summit, I want you to understand yourself better before you begin speaking to your audience by asking yourself these ten questions regularly.

1. Is your blogging passion still alive?

You might have started blogging with a target or hope in mind. But as you progress in the blogging journey, the process is bound to evolve you. You might start to love blogging more than ever with the success you have had because of the appreciation received from your audience. Or you might have lost interest mid-way thinking it is too much too take. You might have broadened or narrowed down your niche. Despite the ups and down every blogger witnesses in their journey, the million dollar question is “Is your blogging passion still alive?”

2. Do you read enough as a blogger?

When you put up a post, you hope it fetches a large number of views. You hope your audience showers their love on each and every post. But have you ever wondered how often you go to the readers section? It is extremely important as a blogger to continuously read. It not only widens your perspective, but improves your creative, imagination and blogging skills. Reading is the only source that can uplift the quality of your content.

3. What is your next blogging milestone?

Do you know where you want to take your blog? I am not asking where you find your blog in the next 5-7 years. Rather, I am asking you where do you want to take your blog in the next few months or weeks? It is very important to have small achievable milestones so that you can plan what should be your next move.

4. Is your blog content getting saturated?

When was the last time you tried to analyse the need of your readers? You might not realize but you might be writing the same over and over again. Your readers might have gotten bored with the same content and style of writing. So question yourself if this is the time to change your niche or brand or logo or template or even style?

5. Is blogging for free still worth it?

You might have been blogging for a few months and years now and most probably your content is available for free. You must have spent hours in building your blog. But do you wonder how much opportunity cost you have paid by giving those hours to your blog? Had you invested that time and energy somewhere else, you would have gotten something more than better stats and view, that is money. Do you know for how long are going to blog for free? Will giving the same amount of time to something else be far more lucrative?

6. Are you trying to copy other bloggers?

This is something most bloggers do with a little bit of customization. You like something from someone else’s blog and implement it in your own blog in your own style. That is completely okay! But have you started to copy the style of other bloggers in the hope that it fetches more visitors? If the answer is yes, that is an alarm. Do not give up on your originality for whatever may come!

7. How often do you change your blogging strategy?

Every blogger has their set of strategies to grow their blog. They know what is going to work for their blog and what is not. But a change is always welcome! Have you ever tried doing something new or writing something your audience never expected? You never know what will strike a chord with your audience and they love the surprise! Trying new things should not stop any blogger as bloggers are known for their creativity!

8. Do you give off days to yourself?

You are your own boss in the blogging world. You do not have to answer anyone. Yet you put undue pressure on yourself. You deserve every bit of a break just as any other job would offer. If you are harsh on yourself as a blogger, then that is not good. Think, when was the last time you allowed yourself some time off?

9. Does low blog stats worry you?

I will be very honest here, YES! They bother me alot. But when I know I gave my best, I do not fret about it. Every time you refresh your stats section, it is natural to hope your bar graphs soar high. But when you start fretting and get irritated about low scores, you are being unduly ruthless to yourself. Question yourself whether you treat yourself well despite poor stats.

10. What is the future of your blog?

Here I am asking where do you see your blog in 3-5 five years time horizon. Have you set any long term plans for yourself as a blogger and your blog? Of course you would not want to do something without any hope and aspirations. Think where do you want to go in this blogging journey!

The agenda for the first days meet was to allow you to converse with yourself first before you begin speaking to your readers. Try to answer all the ten questions and get to know the blogger in you a little better.

The summit will be far more fruitful if you do not shy away from expressing yourself in the comments section and getting to know what other bloggers think. So hit the keyboard with whatever is going in your mind right after you finished reading. I hope to see you tomorrow in the our second meeting of the “7 DAY BLOGGING SUMMIT”.

The schedule of the summit is very well thought and planned. All the discussions in the summit will be through blog posts delivered directly to your inbox. To ensure you do not miss on any of the meetings, get your FREE TICKET to the summit right away!

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5 thoughts on “Summit Day 1 – 10 Questions That Bloggers Should Regularly Ask Themselves

  1. These pointers are valid, I give 1-2 days off from blogging after publishing a new post and earlier I used to worry about the blog stats and later I realized that if I had worked hard and made something good, then one day it will definitely come out in the eyes!

    Liked by 1 person

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