Summit Day 2 – Why Setting Blogging Schedules And Targets Is Extremely Important?

Welcome back to the second day of the “7 DAY BLOGGING SUMMIT”. In case you missed attending the first day of the summit, I urge you to attend it first and then proceed with second day. Otherwise, you can proceed anyway! I am sure you will take a lot with you by the end of the summit.

Today I aim to discuss why most bloggers fail and what will set you apart from them. Time flies and you do not even realize it is time to renew your blog subscription plan. But when you look at your blog stats and growth made throughout the year, you realize despite the hard work, you did not make much progress.

So, it is imperative to have a blogging schedule and target. Every blogger has different goals. Some bloggers aim to post daily while some post once a week. Whatever your blogging goals or objectives are, setting targets comes with a bunch of benefits.

It creates a wireframe for your blogging journey

You know what to expect from your hard work

You do not put undue pressure on yourself

You make continuous progress

Consistency helps you uplift your quality and broaden your reach

You know where to start at the end of the month

You can plan various blogging strategies

You understand your audience and blog stats better

All successful bloggers will echo that they had their schedules and goals which helped them go a long way. Without a mission you cannot even measure your growth and plan your journey ahead.

With this action point of creating your own schedule and target, I request my you to express yourself in the comments section. So hit the keyboard with whatever is going in your mind right after you finished reading. This will bring the true essence of the summit. I hope to see you tomorrow in the our third meeting of the “7 DAY BLOGGING SUMMIT”.

In case your missed the first day of the “7 DAY BLOGGING SUMMIT”

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3 thoughts on “Summit Day 2 – Why Setting Blogging Schedules And Targets Is Extremely Important?

  1. Yeah, the mind automatically wants to proceed if progress has been made. But, I believe that the progress has been made, you will not see right now but all the hard work you did will eventually blow out towards the end. And you will be surprised how much progress you have made! These are completely my thoughts.

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