Summit Day 3 – Does The Fear Of Being Too Personal Bother You As A Blogger?

Welcome back to the third day of the “7 DAY BLOGGING SUMMIT”. In case you missed attending the first two days, I urge you to attend them first and then proceed with third day. Otherwise, you can proceed anyway! I am sure you will take a lot with you by the end of the summit.

Today I aim to discuss something that fears every blogger but no one speaks about it. You must have encountered this one dilemma of deciding whether to share your personal incidents on your blog. While some bloggers comfortably share incidents from their personal space, some are hesitant.

You have complete authority of deciding what to write on your blog. But writing about your personal events comes with its own set of repercussions. Judge the pros and cons well before you post something personal.


1. Your blog works as a journal

The other day I was amidst an emotional turmoil. In the heat of the moment, I went ahead and wrote everything on my blog. Unknowingly, it helped me heal as I flushed all the emotions circling inside me. It was like taking the cyclone out and resting in peace thereafter.

2. You connect better with your audience

Every target audience loves genuity and they appreciate what they can relate to. Despite living in different countries, we all face similar challenges, meltdowns and joys. Seeing bloggers openly discuss their sources of personal problems and happiness and not going preachy builds a better reader connect.

3. You do not spend hours researching

There are so many bloggers who spend hours researching and come up with a new blog post. But when you share instances from your life, you save yourself from that additional homework!


1. Your blog becomes more about you rather than what your readers want

If you continuously post about yourself, your readers might lose interest. They might not be very keen in knowing what is going on in your personal space and start avoiding reading your posts. It is important to strike a balance between your personal posts and other posts.

2. Your audience might judge you

When you say something from your life and how you reacted to a situation, there might be a portion of the audience who will disagree with what you did. They might take that one incident and make an incorrect perspective about you.

3. Your family and friends will know everything about you

There might be a possibility that your friends and family are a part of your audience. If you write about everything that is happening in your life which was unknown to them yet, will also become public. So you have to very smart in drawing a line and choose which incidents are eligible to be spoken about on your blog.

Remember, you are not alone worrying about being too personal on your blog! Have you ever shared personal incidents on your blog? If yes, did you feel the pressure of being judged? If no, then what is stopping you?

I request you to express yourself in the comments section. So hit the keyboard with whatever is going in your mind right after you finished reading. This will aggrandize the true essence of the summit. I hope to see you tomorrow in the our fourth meeting of the “7 DAY BLOGGING SUMMIT” which has a SUPER FUN element!

In case you missed the first two days, here you go!

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3 thoughts on “Summit Day 3 – Does The Fear Of Being Too Personal Bother You As A Blogger?

  1. I too share my personal incidents, rather I call it as a personal experience related to traveling and other things that kept on happening. I believe personal incidents in relate to your niche would be helpful to others. These are my thoughts!


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