Summit Day 5 – Are Blogging Friends Actually “Friends”?

Welcome back to the fifth day of the “7 DAY BLOGGING SUMMIT”. In case you missed attending the first four days, I urge you to attend them first and then proceed with fifth day. Otherwise, you can proceed anyway! I am sure you will take a lot with you by the end of the summit.

After the three enriching meetings and a super fun activity we all played, I decided to unveil the harsh reality of the blogging world.

I have read so many bloggers emphasizing the importance of connecting with other bloggers. Making blogging friends helps you amplify your content faster. But are these blogging friends actually friends or just friends with benefits?

I know many of you would deeply disagree with me. But when I call someone my friend, It does not mean someone who helps me share my blog posts. It means someone whom I can can rely upon, share secrets and giggle with. It means someone who I can showcase my fears and tears. It is not that easy to caller every fellow blogger my friend.

Remember, every blogger wants to grow

The competition in the blogging space is growing manifolds. I see people saying “visit for visit” and I cannot express how much my heart aches. It is okay to have a sweet conversation with another blogger. But based on that one conversation, can you call someone your friend?

You are lucky if you actually made friends!

I cannot deny I did make an amazing circle of acquaintances in these few months of blogging. But they are yet to become my friends. You are extremely lucky if you made real friends in this journey who selflessly want your blog to grow.

Yes, blogging friends are real, but only a few make them. Do you have friends or acquaintances?

In case you missed the first meetings:

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