Summit Day 6 – 30 Creative Blog Post Ideas To Increase Your Reach and Make Sticky Readers

Welcome back to the second last day of the “7 DAY BLOGGING SUMMIT”. In case you missed attending the first five days, I urge you to attend them first and then proceed with third day. Otherwise, you can proceed anyway! I am sure you will take a lot with you by the end of the summit.

In a continuous aim to discuss, learn, grow and upskill, I bring a complete pool of creative ideas. An important agenda in this summit was to uplift your creative meter. So here is a complete list of blog post ideas that will make your readers remember you as their favourite blogger and want to read more!

  1. Weekly blogging report card
  2. How to cheer up a dull mood
  3. Pros and cons of starting a podcast
  4. 5 things to check before uploading a post
  5. The view from my window
  6. What I love but my family hates
  7. Are you ready for a 30 day running challenge?
  8. Do you also love collecting stationery items?
  9. Sneak peek to my blogging space
  10. What changes did I find in me after journaling for a month
  11. When is the perfect time to become a full-time blogger
  12. Who said losing weight was impossible?
  13. It is my birthday month and I cannot control my excitement
  14. Five things that take me back to childhood instantly
  15. Online games that I would love to play with you
  16. This is why I have hidden my name from my readers
  17. The plants in my garden say hello to you!
  18. Should I switch to YouTube?
  19. A beginners guide to running 5 kilometers
  20. These food items make me go weak
  21. My dreams after I complete my education
  22. Is blogging really easy?
  23. The importance of knowing where to stop
  24. Why I spend more on skincare rather than makeup
  25. Why I started loving working from home!
  26. Weird comments that I received as a bloggers
  27. Why does everyone want to become a blogger
  28. Cultural differences I witnessed in my travel to xx
  29. What can I offer the world
  30. How to convince your parents to get a pet

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Every blogger will have a different take on each of these! All these are so relatable and I would have loved to read them as a reader! Let me which one are you going to try first!

As we head to the last day of the summit tomorrow, I want to thank all the participants! Hope you gained something.

Posts from the first 5 days of the summit:

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8 thoughts on “Summit Day 6 – 30 Creative Blog Post Ideas To Increase Your Reach and Make Sticky Readers

  1. I somewhat thought of starting a podcast but that would become an expensive. I had tried other ways but couldn’t be able to find any such podcasts available, rather there are paid ones. Can you throw some light on it and guide me that how can I start a podcast using plugin maybe or any other idea?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You can use Anchor. It is a free app and you can get your podcast listed on mediums like Spotify, Apple and Google podcasts. You can also link your WordPress account and create podcasts out of your blog. Let me know if you need any more assistance!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay, thanks for letting me know about these options. I will surely check them out and let you know if any further help was needed. Thanks once again! Can I ask your name, because it’s not written anywhere on the blog?

        Liked by 1 person

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