How I celebrated my birthday, wanting to quit blogging, weight loss and more

It has been a while since I wrote anything meaningful. All this while I running after followers like a fool. Today I’m actually going to write some meaningful stuff. This post largely contains some honest confessions while the rest are personal updates that I wanted to share with you.

Yes, it was my birthday!

I have hardly shared any personal details with you and who the runs this blog is a mirage. Hence, I thought it would be a good idea to give you a little peek into my life. As you can see from the title, I celebrated my birthday on the 16th of this month. It was a day filled with counting blessings, rejoicing the love that my family and friends showered on me. My parents and my brother surprised me with a super yummy nutella cake at midnight and a supremely cheesy pizza. It was so overwhelming. The entire day I kept collecting packages sent by my friends who could not make it due to lockdown.

Sometimes I land up thinking, “Who loves me, I’m not worthy of being loved”. But birthdays are subtle reminders that we run through an invisible support system and should appreciate it often. I express my gratitude to each and every person in my life including the one reading this. Thank you!

I was about to quit blogging and seeked refund

There are days when I’m extremely passionate about blogging and prepare a schedule and write multiple posts in a day. And then comes a phase when I do not even open the WordPress app as it adds to my stress. I had worked very hard on “7 DAY BLOGGING SUMMIT” which was for bloggers to learn, discuss and grow. Despite putting up an amazing show, I could not draw a lot of attention. I was so disheartened after that and didn’t feel like typing any article thereafter and seeked refund.

My friends motivated me and said that it would be too early to make such a decision and I should not run after followers. I should write for myself and enjoy the process. If I worried about my stats, the quality of my content would certainly deteriorate. After gathering a lot of courage and paying heed to their wise words, I’m finally writing down my thoughts here.

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Struggling to maintain a proper workout routine

I try to run daily and do a bit of zumba. But there are days when work demands more from me than expected and the only thing that gets chucked out of my to do list is workout. And because of my choppy schedule, I am paying the price with a number of health issues attracting me.

I have started speaking up in my organization and even compiled what I learnt after working from home. The biggest takeaway is to exercise and exercise. Everything will fall into place if our body can support what we want to achieve. Working out regularly is a top priority on my cards now and I will try to adhere it to the maximum extent possible.

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I’m trying to read once again

I was once an avid reader but did not read much off late. I am now attracted to the audio-visual media world and started watching more. Of course it a great platform, but reading has a different feel altogether. It is an open ended space where we design the shapes of the characters on our own. We image the roads, homes, hills and cars. Everything is as per our choice. I had almost forgotten about this super power.

I have started reading “7 Secrets of Vishnu” by Devdutt Pattanaik and cannot thank the author enough. It this fast paced world, I had somewhere forgotten thanking God regularly and this book helped me build my connect with the almighty once again. Reading about God is indeed calming.

What book are you currently reading?

Days pass, years change and we keep growing older. Now, I want to make each day count so that I do not live with any regrets. I might not be able to make big achievements daily but will surely look forward to small moments of joy.

This was me pouring my heart out and not seeking validation but just expressing myself.

Did you just miss out on something important?

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