If you can do any of these consistently, you are a Guinness Book Record holder

There are so many things others do with ease and I keep watching them with awestruck eyes. And then I’m like, “Oh my God! How can you do it so easily? You are supremely talented”. And then they humbly reply, “It’s so easy, let me show how it is done”.

Despite multiple attempts, I have failed in some extremely simple tasks. You will probably laugh that I cannot do these, but yeah, I just cannot. Here are ten everyday tasks that defeated me and if you can do them consistently, I salute you and am already your fan.

1. Circling a hula hoop

The hoop just does not stick to my waist. How do you even circle it? Is there some magnet in your clothes that does not let the hoop fall? And to all supernatural beings who can dance with a hoop, grand salute. I have seen multiple YouTube videos and tried every way to rotate my waist but alas, three circles are maximum. And with that said, I want to introduce you to Eshna Kutty, who can dance with a hula hoop in a saree! For me, you are the best in this entire world. Please bless me!

2. Apply nail paint without messing up your right hand

I am a right handed person and for me applying nail paint on my left hand is an easy game. But when it is time to paint my right hand, I’m blown away. There is every possibility in this universe that I’m going to mess up. There will be more paint outside my nails than the inside. And in an attempt to clean that up, I create random strokes on my nails (wish someone looked at it as nail art!). To every person on this planet who can apply nail paints on both hands meticulously, you can create some intricate masterpieces!

3. Ride a bicycle without supporting wheels

Whosoever is judging me, that’s not fair! I know I am not a kid anymore but somehow I cannot balance on those two tyres. They are so thin! How can you ride it without falling? The moment I sit on it and start, it moves like a snake. Completely zig-zag and then I have to stop. I get down immediately and this story has been an exact replica each time I attempt to cycle. When I hear people making plans of going on cycling trips, I want to leave the room as soon as possible. (The inner me dreams of riding a sport cycle someday!)

4. Login without doing “Forget Password”

So many accounts, so many passwords and all of them have different expiry dates. Gosh, life is so difficult! I try to maintain a log of my passwords which will definitely not be updated for the one that I need. When I manage to login in my first attempt, the joy that I feel cannot be explained. To all those who say keep a single password, do you change it for all your accounts when it expires for any one of your accounts?

5. Hold a secret till the last day

I am a creative head which is obvious that I have a blog! And I’m always the one who plans surprises and I’m also the one who discloses the surprise before “the day”. And then I feel guilty for not controlling my enthusiasm. It’s so difficult to keep calm and hold a poker face when there is so much planned. To all those who jump at midnight screaming “Supriiise”, like how do it let the butterflies settle in your stomach?

6. Use chopsticks

Again, no judging. I live in a country where forks are preferred over chopsticks. There are times when I go to an authentic Chinese or Japanese restaurant, and these beautifully crafted chopsticks lie in front of me. I try my best to follow all the finger movements shown on YouTube, can even hold the sticks but fail to pick a substantial amount of noodles to eat. And then I have to get back to a fork. I know it is an extremely easy thing to do but not easy for me. I’m still on my journey of practicing and will make it someday!

7. Brushing your teeth after getting into bed at night

I understand dental hygiene is important and I should brush my teeth before going to bed. But, sometimes I’m so tired that I want to hit the bed. And once I’m tucked in, it is very difficult for me to motivate myself to get up and brush my teeth. I get lazy and keep it for the next day. Bed feels heaven and leaving it becomes next to impossible. If you can fight the comfort that the bed offers, gather courage to get up and brush your teeth, I pray that you never have to visit a dentist! Keep it up!

8. Say no to siesta on a Sunday

Sundays have a different feel altogether. There is some magic and sparkle that relaxes your muscles automatically. After having a hearty lunch, not being pulled by the beds gravity needs some serious determination. I try my best to keep my droopy eyes open and then I finally succumb to my pillow and bedsheet. What a feeling! And then I regret sleeping so much in the afternoon as I have a hard time sleeping at night. The worst part, Monday morning blues! God save me!

9. Keep my cupboard clean

This has been on my agenda for the longest time. Whenever I’m in a rush, I dump a few clothes in my cupboard and the mess begins thereafter. Once jeopardised, it becomes very difficult to keep a track of my things and everything overflows. The mess reaches its peak when I open the doors and things start to fall on me. And then I realize it is the time to clean up. For the first time, I have a streak of 6 days without mess. To all those who do not have an iota of dirt and have the perfectly stacked clothes, please share some pro-tips.

10. Sleep on time

This is something I’m struggling the most since the pandemic hit us. My sleep cycle has gone topsy turvy and special thanks to the reels on Instagram. They aid in me staying up. Again no judging here, I enjoy watching them. There are only a few exceptional days when I’m super tired that I doze of instantly. Most of the time I’m like, “It is one now, I should try to sleep” and I forcefully close my eyes. I have friends who say good night at 11pm and I’m like why am the only owl?

For every activity that you can do consistently out of these ten, give yourself plus one. Let me know what is your final score out of ten. Well, you know mine is zero.

What simple day to day activities you struggle the most with?

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3 thoughts on “If you can do any of these consistently, you are a Guinness Book Record holder

  1. I can assure you that I can definitely login without forgetting my password. I become habitual of login every other day where I don’t need to do forget password! For the rest of the mentioned things, I needed to work harder on those to enter Guinness Book Record Holder!


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