8 reasons why working from home in the rainy season is a blessing in disguise

Most of us have been working from home now and have accustomed ourselves with the new normal. But, there is one thing than it is transition. Moving from summers to the rainy season. And while it kept pouring outside, I enjoyed the beautiful view from my window and continued working.

I then realised that working from the comfort of my bedroom on such rainy days was such a blessing. Get ready to sit on a time machine which will take you to your office on a rainy day. This journey will make you smile and you will know why to appreciate the blessing in disguise.

1. You can catch up on some sleep with the calming sound of rain drops

Why download an app when nature is at its best? The peaceful sound of the rain drops are healing and soul touching. If you are feeling low and do not feel like working, take a break, close your eyes and doze off to serenity. You wake up extremely fresh, rejuvenated and can complete your work faster!

2. You do not have to pay surge prices on radio cabs

When it rains heavily, you do not want to take the public transport for sure. And you hail for a radio cab but fret over the surging prices. Thanks to work from home, you do not have to shell out money because of rain. Stay indoors, login and log off on time without the hassle of speaking to your en route driver.

3. You do not drink the bland tea/coffee from the vending machine

Tea and coffee lovers, this one’s for you. I know you abhor the beverage that comes out of the vending machine. It is bland, colourless and just not made for you. And how is a rainy day even complete without a good cup of tea? Now, you can head to your kitchen, make the your cup and enjoy it to the fullest. If you are overly passionate, do not shy away from accompanying it with pakoras (fritters).

4. You do not have to walk through the umbrella market

Every office has a dedicated area to dry umbrellas. There are over hundreds of them spread across in multi colours. And because of the umbrella market, you sometimes have to take a longer route to get to your desk. (What days they were!) Now since you do not even step out of your house, do you even know where your umbrella is?

5. Your wifi stops working and you can skip the scheduled calls

I probably do not even to elaborate anything here. Yes, we all have done this. “Heavy downpour, unable to connect”. Bliss! (Inner me signing the nursery rhyme: Rain, rain, please do not go away!)

6. You do not inhale sweat mixed with rain water

With so many people commuting, it is obvious someone or the other is going to get wet. Soon the scent in your office floor turns foul. Sorry to put you into such a spot. Please do not imagine how rain and sweat smell together because working from home has saved you from inhaling it.

7. You do not have to walk on dirty streets and roll up your trousers

Commuting is the most difficult part in the rainy season. Finding your mode of transport means walking on roads with dirty water. And to add on to the disgust, some areas stink after water logging. You fold your trousers and wade through the waters to reach office on time. Take a moment to thank God that you can now work in your shorts at home.

8. You are saved from sitting on wet seats

If you are lucky and find your mode of transport despite the heavy rain, there is still a last bit of compromise left. All the seats in the bus or auto rickshaw will be wet, and in the rush you ignore it and just sit. After you get up, you know where exactly your bottoms are soaked with rain water. Coming back to reality, do not check your your shorts, you are safe and sound in your home now!

I’m sure by now you have lived every moment of a rainy day in the pre-covid times. We all have been saved from travelling in rain and the hassles of carrying umbrellas and deos. Though I’m not a big fan of working from home, I am slowly adjusting with it. With the onset of rainy season, I’m heavily appreciating it.

I’m loving the deadly combination of rain, window side of my bed, soft music and last but not the least, open excel sheets. On the other hand, you cannot say it has water logged in your area and skip office!

What is the intensity of rain in your area? Are you enjoying working from home in this season?

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