This bollywood zumba session will make you fall in love with workouts

One, two, three, four, five…ugh, stop! I have always abhorred working out to numbers. Hence, I moved to running. I do not use earphones while running and it is a nice time talking to myself. But there are days when I cannot scoop out time for a long trail and need to accommodate something at home. The easiest solution I found was zumba.

Is doing zumba alone even fun?

Yes, I get you. Dancing alone is no fun. I enjoyed zumba sessions with more than 30 people pre covid and now dancing alone to music cannot be called a real zumba session. In these difficult times, make your screen your companion and hit the floor.

This is what I’m talking about

One day, I by chance stumbled upon this amazing YouTube channel, “Dance with Deepti”. I gave it a shot and thoroughly enjoyed it. It has been over two weeks and I can totally vouch that her workouts are fun filled yet make me sweat. If you have never enjoyed a zumba session before, I urge you to definitely try once. If you have, then this one will be a complete hit too.

You can pool in as many people as you want and share some great moments dancing together.

Here are my favourite workouts from here channel

The best part: Even beginners can take a stab! What are you waiting for, grab your tracks and shoes now!

Hey! Did you just miss something important?

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