5 reasons why you are always short of time

We all struggle with managing time. And we often find ourselves saying, “I do not have time”, or “why is there always so little time?”. We all have the same numbers of hours daily. Some make the most out of it while others struggle to match upto the speed of the clock. If the clock is moving ahead of you, it might be a time to check what is going wrong.

I was facing this issue for a very long time where my entire day went without me understanding where did it vanish. And then the same story rewinded from the previous day, “Oh lord, why don’t I have time?” I knew I had to understand the root cause of the problem and amend my means at the earliest. After a deep analysis, I understood the seeds of this problem which might be common between us!

1. Not starting on time

My biggest enemy has been not being able to wake up on time. There have been days when I woke up late and everything went haywire. In order to take charge of your day it is very important to wake up on time. It gives you the superpower to complete all your work and even scoop out some me time.

2. Planning more than what is attainable

There might be a possibility that you are pushing yourself more than what is needed. You put more on your plate and then feel guilty of not having enough time. Do not punish yourself unnecessarily if you are forcefully creating this bubble of not having time. It is okay to not work overtime and stress without any reason.

3. Spending more time on something than needed

Say a task needs to be completed in x hours and you give it more than what is actually needed. It is obvious that you will have less time for other things on your to-do list. It is extremely important to stay focused and try to complete work within the stipulated time. Else, without saying, you will fall short of time by the end. Remember writing an exam? Same rule applies here!

4. Getting distracted and procrastinating

When I say try to avoid distractions, I do not mean, avoid taking breaks. But taking breaks often and ultimately cutting on the work hours will add onto the total time taken. Checking your phone often and scrolling till you realise it is imperative to get back to work are invisible monsters. Do not feed them with your time.

5. Not sticking to priorities

I often took up easy tasks first and kept the big and difficult ones for later. However, if you do the reverse, the day end will look much smoother and you will be able to wrap up faster. I never realised the importance of making to-dos and prioritising until I actually practiced it. Trust me, it will be a game changer if you prioritize well.

There might be various other reasons why you fall short of time. These are what I understood were the mainsprings of delay in my life. I did not have enough time for myself, my health, daily. But I must say, I am better off than before. If you check my blog post frequencies, you will know! I am still working on getting to a morning routine but where there is a will, there is a way.

Do you also fall short of time? Do you know what eats up your day? What are you doing to better manage your time? I’m all ears!

Did you check my first photography attempt? The green leaves will be a treat to your eyes, I promise!

Hey, you just missed something important!

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