The month that made us proud: June 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the first newsletter by Alphabetical Mirage. June holds a very special place in my heart. And if you have followed my posts earlier this month, you will know why (it is my birthday month!). Hence, I thought it will be an excellent month to start my monthly newsletter. If you are new to this blog, this newsletter will give you a walkthrough of everything that happened this month!

Let us rewind and go back to the 7 DAY BLOGGING SUMMIT that I conducted:

These were the six agendas we covered and if you are a blogger, you must attend the summit.

Celebrations and recovery

I celebrated my birthday and want to thank every person who contributed in making the day special. On the hindsight, I was feeling a bit low and wanted to quit blogging. Yes, such a foolish me! But thanks to my friends who supported me and brought me back to sanity. Read some of my honest confessions by clicking on the image below!

A major cause of my stress was working from home. Here are the 10 lessons I learnt after working at home:

Added a new category: Relatable

For the longest while I had been writing on self help and work life balance. I knew I was getting too serious as a person and that was reflecting on my blog. To cheer myself up, I have made a conscious effort to write stuff that does not cause stress but makes me feel lighter. So I added another category, Relatable. And I know you will surely relate to them!

I also tried leaf photography for the first time. Treat yourself with a nature’s blast now!

I know there’s a lot in this newsletter and you will keep these goodreads for later. But don’t. We humans will always be short of time. Spare a few minutes and read whatever interested you. If cannot give time, well then I have something for you.

June was a great month and I am extremely proud to be born in it. It was a month of self realizations, coming out of comfort zones, trying new stuff and appreciating whatever I have.

I am also very excited for what is in store for July! Are you?

Want to crush candies in Candy Crush Saga? Head to this video!

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