Discarding your most cherished memories

There are so many ways of going back in time. If you journal, you can turn pages. If you click pictures, you can open your gallery. If you collect stuff, you can open your little treasure box. Going back in time is easy. The difficult part is in swallowing the emotional spring that crops up in that time travel.

You do not even move. Your mind does all the running for you. Only by looking, reading or just holding stuff, you realise how much you have lived. Life is made up of small things, and at that moment, you do not debate it a bit.

There were days which you called ‘the best day in your life’ and wanted to live it again and again. So you cut a bite from it and turn it into something tangible. You store it with your other most cherished memories. But what if all that mattered the most is now ready to be discarded?

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