4 new things I will try this month for myself at home

We all have that phase in life where we surrender ourselves to monotony. We accept that completing education, getting a job and following a routine life is the ultimate measure of success. Somewhere, we kill those little sparks that push us to try new stuff.

But this time, I thought why not light those little flames and see what they open up to. I understand coming out the self created sameness can be challenging. But it might be worth taking the risk. For me, breaking the repetition does not mean going on a solo trip to France or going on a wellness retreat for mental detox.

For me, breaking the monotony will be in the form of baby steps. After a lot of thinking, I narrowed down to four extremely simple challenges for myself. These are pretty easy things that I have not done ever in my life. If you resonate with me in any bit, you can try them too!

1. Go on a me date

I plan to sit in my balcony in the evening after preparing a playlist that I would want to hear that particular day. With earphones plugged in, I would enjoy a nice cup of lemon water to myself. If you are wondering what lemon water is, it is lemon juice squeezed in hot water. I want to look at the plants around, sing songs and enjoy my drink. It will be just me, treating myself with time and no worries.

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2. Take a day off from my phone

I have this constant habit of checking my phone. But for once, I want to experience life without any distractions and screen hours. I plan to keep my phone aside the night before my challenge begins and not to use it again until the day after the challenge day. I plan to do this challenge on a Sunday so that I do not miss any important work updates. I want to find my level of addiction to my phone with this challenge. What do you think, will I be able to survive an entire day bereft my phone?

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3. Wake up at 5:30 a.m.

I have always woken up late. For all those who follow my blog know how hard I’m trying to fix my morning routine. I have read and heard enough about the 5 a.m. club but have never been a part of it. I want to debut and wake up with the early rays of the sun. I am sure it must be magical outside, something I have never witnessed.

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4. Learn dance on this song

I used to enjoy dancing but have never been good at it. It has been years since I danced and I never got back because of my mental block. This time, I have decided to go back to my old love. I will try and pick up this beautiful choreography. If you understand hindi, I’m sure you will love this song and dance. If not, nevertheless, I urge you to watch their graceful performance.

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It is just a beginning for me and my quest to break the routine life will continue. I hope I squeeze some me time in my calendar and think out of the box, for myself. I will share how I felt after completing these challenges and push for some new challenges in September. Till then, have fun and keep challenging yourself!

What new stuff did you try offlate? Anything that can be done at home? I’m all ears!!

Let the conversation continue!

8 thoughts on “4 new things I will try this month for myself at home

  1. Try adding a spoon of honey to your lemon water.It is a great anti-oxidant and is also a very potent immunity booster besides being great for weight loss.

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