Do you just watch a movie or get emotionally attached with it?

Prior to the pandemic, I thought ‘Netflix and chill’ was only for cool people who did nothing good with their time. In these months of lockdown, I realised movies and webseries play a larger role in our lives. I now try and watch stuff and my opinions have completely changed.

Earlier, whatever I saw on the OTT platform was based on the recommendations I received. I did not understand what I liked as everything was new for me. Understanding genres, types of platforms available and the ‘all time favourites’ of the masses was all alien.

Now, I decently understand my preferences and choose what I watch. I have started to resonate with the characters and feel that they leave their imprints on our lives someway or the other.

I am often swayed with the reel world

I was discussing how I felt after watching a movie with a friend and he didn’t feel anything like I did. To him, it was just a movie and all it meant to him was the cinematography was good. To me, the characters were relatable and I was left teary eyed.

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The after effects of some characters are long lasting

I realised this deeply after watching certain web series. The wait I had to watch some characters in their upcoming season and wanting to know how their journey would unfold was beyond cinematography. It’s like, I like this character because she’s so genuine or this one’s stronger than I can ever be or this one gives me some real motivation.

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For how good the movie might be, don’t force drama in your real life

I’m still in the process of getting there. But this is the hard reality. There is a difference between the real and reel life. I learnt it is nice to take the good stuff, but over analyzing things might ruin the spirit of watching movies. I landed up being affected by most of the movies I saw, which definitely isn’t the best thing.

Being an emotional fellow, I know it will be difficult to hold my tears. But yeah, I can definitely cut the package of overthinking that I bring for myself. Watching stuff allows you to travel from your couch, grow from within and understand another perspective. So, do not deprive yourself of the fun by being overly emotional.

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3 thoughts on “Do you just watch a movie or get emotionally attached with it?

  1. I really enjoy watching movies and its one of my favourite hobby. I watch different genres and many times I really get attached to characters. I get mixed feelings when I watch different scenes.
    OTT really helped in this pandemic when we were just at home. I also love binge watching TV series .

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