5 reasons why you should not bottle up feelings

There are many situations where you want to say things but you do not. You keep those words to yourself and they get buried in your heart. Their burden makes you overwhelmed and with time, you land up bottling up feelings.

Staying with such feelings for long isn’t good for your mental health. They cause more damage than good. You might temporarily save your relationships by not saying those unspoken words, but the future damage can be unbearable. Here are five reasons why you should not bottle up feelings and keep your mental space healthy.

1. You get to know the truth early

Discussing and clearing things out is always better than surmising. All the ‘what ifs’ get clarified. You might have comprehended a situation incorrectly and created a grudge against someone. When in reality, those feelings were meaningless and you were simply creating an unwanted bubble for yourself. Do not make unnecessary assumptions, talk it out.

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2. Locked feelings keeps you frustrated and irritated

There is that one thing that might keep bothering you. You might end up thinking about it all the time and not focus on what is happening around you. Thoughts like “how could she do this” or “why did he say so” or “they were never like this before” keep hovering in your head. The unanswered questions disturb you to such an extent that you land up being frustrated by your own thoughts.

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3. Hampers your relationship with your loved ones

The relationship you shared with someone will never be the same once you start holding negative feelings for them. For how hard you try to fake it, it won’t be the same. There will always be a tint of malice or sadness or hurt. In order to restore your relationship with your loved ones, it is extremely important to stay on the same page.

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4. You bring yourself pain unnecessarily

You might be okay from the outside but from the inside, things might be tearing you apart. You might not be able to handle the pain of all those bottled up feelings day after day. Added overthinking doubles the pain and you start playing with your mental health. Things might end up getting ugly and ruin your peace.

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5. When exploded, it isn’t the best

When ‘the day’ of discussion arrives, it comes with a lot hatred, anger and pain. You show the side of your personality that is not normally you. You breakdown, scream, shout and cry. Nothing can cover up for all those days lived with bottled up emotions.

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To avoid bringing yourself in these unwanted scenarios. you should not hoard unsaid words. Clear up what you assume, say what you feel and give your mental clarity utmost importance.

Have you bottled up feelings ever? If yes, why and what were the repercussions?

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