10 little things that will make you smile instantly

What is your ideal definition of happiness? Of course it’s subjective, but your very own interpretation of happiness keeps evolving with age. In order to achieve the ‘ideal’ picture worthy moments, we end up on missing those little joys life has to offer. Let’s change our lenses and hunt for those little smiles instead.

I too don’t know what an ideal moment of joy should be. But all I know are these miniscule yet significant moments hold importance in my life. Let’s see if any of these add sparkle to your mood too.

1. Flower blooming in your garden

2. Birds eating seeds/bread as soon as you offer them

3. You remember what you forgot instantly

4. You don’t miss the lyrics of your favourite song

5. You receive a call from someone whom you were about to call

6. Little or no strands on your comb after combing your hair

7. When work wraps up earlier than you thought

8. You receive your parcel before the estimated date

9. You weigh a few grams lesser than the last time you weighed

10. You bring smile on someone’s face

I associate very personally to each one of them. To me, life has a larger percentage of little joys than those few magnificent celebrating moments. If we learn to celebrate those tiny seconds, life will become far more worthy.

Which one these brings connected the most with you? Want to add on to the list? The comment section is all yours!

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5 thoughts on “10 little things that will make you smile instantly

  1. Grief is perennial, happiness is momentary! Its time that we start valuing these little strands of happiness and make the world a better place by smiling at everyone we paas by!
    The 10 pointers in your article did bring a smile on my face:)

    Liked by 1 person

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