Here is how I spend my Sundays

Sundays have a different feel. I feel so happy in the morning, like nothing to do all day! Just be yourself, chill and enjoy! By the time its evening, the happiness slowly turns in mild sadness as to why is it getting over. Oh Lord, again 5 days of slogging ahead!

But then it is what it is. Monday will follow every Sunday and we all will have to get working. And on the hindsight, Sundays would lose their charm had we not toiled for those gruelling 5 days. If everyday was Sunday, would you rather wait for a Monday? I try to make the best out of my Sundays and mostly spend them with my family.

Sundays bring my favourite me time

I give time to myself. I wake up late, without any pressure of to-dos. To top it up, I put on a fruit face pack and scrub myself with aromatic coffee powder. The hour long shower feels bliss and is my favourite time of the day. After every bath, I ask my mom to touch my hands and feel how soft they turned after scrubbing. This has become a ritual now and she very politely says they turned really soft every week!


Though I try to catch up on reading, the maximum pages I read are on Sundays. I regret not having enough time to read as voraciously as I read earlier. But, then we cannot do everything everyday. And I do not want my reading time to be forceful but a form of joy. Sundays promise me to offer that joy and I welcome it open hands.

My current read


This is something that I really wish to daily but manage to succeed only on weekends. The joy getting drenched with sweat after a long run or repetitions of rope skipping is overwhelming. I really want to be regular in my workouts and am trying extremely hard to get back in shape. Sunday, you are the best!

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I often schedule all my posts on Sundays. After having lunch, I pour my heart out here. It gives me immense pleasure and feels so powerful to share my thoughts. The internet binds us all and I wish to reach out to each one of you through my blog. And as an avid reader, I too want to write. I have so many dreams with this blog and wish they come true someday.

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Family outings

This is usually in the evening where we start to get ready for our weekly outing. It is generally the same restaurant we go to. My parents love the food served there and I have gradually developed an attachment with that club. I happily look forward to the outing where we listen to music, chat and make fun of each other on our way to the club. I enjoy meeting my cousins and we have a nice gala time!

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On some Sundays, I clean my cupboard, water my plants, paint, play my synthesizer and sleep! (for hours!) Overall, I’m a very serious person and my blog often reflects that. I’m trying to loosen out a bit, erase the overthinker me, pause and live in the moment. Sundays help set up that pace. For a workaholic like me, Sundays build a connection between me and my soul. Thank you Sunday!

How does your Sunday look like?

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