Will I come back alive?

I was scared to death, numb and frozen. Tied to my chair, I thought the next 3 minutes were going to be my last. I closed my eyes and prayed to God with all the courage I could gather. I dared not to fold my hands for I couldn’t move an inch.

My hands held rods with the tightest grip ever. Filled with sweat, they smelled of steel. I unknowingly pushed myself on a journey and never knew would land into such a nightmare. Why did I do it? I must have been a fool to fall into this trap. Had I been a little more sensible, I wouldn’t have endangered my life. My inner voices cursed me and I shivered like anything.

But there was no route to escape. My chair slowly started to move and I did not know how it would move next. I wished it stopped and I could run home. I clung on to the rods and my eyes pressed as tight as possible. The chatter around started to fade away and a strong gust of wind hit my face.

Despite being surrounded by hundreds, I felt helpless. After all, it was my first roller coaster ride! One of the most difficult yet memorable 3 minutes. The speed, the cycles of going uphill and screaming while going down with fluttering butterflies in my stomach was too much of an adventure! It felt like all the nuts and bolts of my seat would open and I would be thrown over hundreds of kilometres away. I don’t know how I mustered the courage then!

The moment that ride stopped, I thanked God for keeping me alive. I looked at my cousins who had similar expressions after facing the ride, fright mixed with laughter. We all had entangled hairs, but did not bother and took a selfie to record the historic moment of facing our fears – sitting on a roller coaster!

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