Are solo trips really exciting?

I often hear that to find yourself, you must go on a solo trip. Because I have never been on one, I am really curious, are they really exciting? Like having to finish the entire pizza alone is exciting? I will think twice before ordering a drink because I can never complete it alone!

The fact that there will be no one who will mess up my room and schedule seems fun. I can be my own boss, go whenever and wherever I want to. But the fact that I will have no one to talk to seems challenging. Of course, I can make new friends and share banters, but that does not seem very appealing to me for an entire trip.

What is an ideal vacation to you?

If you ask me, I tend to get bored alone on weekends itself. Like, I need my people around to enjoy and giggle with. For me, vacation is a car full of people passings chips and Pepsi. For me, vacation is exploring new places together and capturing them in groupfies. For me, vacation is deciding what meal to order next and coming back to the hotel room and chatting till late night.

I do not know how I will find a solo trip. Of course it is on my bucket list like everyone else. But for now, it will be only be for 2-3 days as they do not excite me as much as long family holidays.

Have you been on a solo trip? Where did you go? Did you enjoy? I’m curious!!

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4 thoughts on “Are solo trips really exciting?

  1. Las Vegas would be a good place to start off with. Its a perfect weekend getaway…. great place to get drunk and party to your heart’s content…. plus a lucky day at the casino could take care of all your travel bills… hope you enjoy


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