Yes, you can get back in shape

I know so many people who really want to get back in shape. And I can totally resonate with them because I feel exactly the same. I too want to shed off the extra fat, tone my body and get fitter and healthier.

I know that if I get moving, start exercising and keep a check on my calorie intake, it will be an excellent starting point. I will have to workout with diligence and discipline to see real results. But the biggest question here arises is that when I know what I need to do, why don’t I do it?

Is it that I do not really have time?

If I answer honestly, on some days yes, there’s too much work pressure that I cannot squeeze in time. But there are also days when I could have managed to go out for a run but preferred to rest. I know I could have made use of that time.

Nevertheless, it’s better late than never. I know I became lazy and piled up those additional kilograms. Now it is my responsibility to shed them off and get back in shape. And I also know only the first steps are the most difficult ones.

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I’m ready to take the first step. Are you?

I realised it’s high time and is either now or never. So, I created a morning routine for myself and today marked the first day. I did my morning exercises and am super proud of myself. As much as I’m happy, I know results will not be achieved in a day but by staying disciplined.

I will let this blogging space be an open workout journal for me. Each Sunday, I will put up my progress post (in the hope that I pull off the entire week).

Be like postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there.

If you are up for a lifestyle revamp, start the journey with me now. Nothing is impossible if you are determined. And nothing is as important as a healthy body. Also, with a healthy body comes a healthy mind. I’m awaiting all the good things that will come my way from today. So, on the mark, get set and go!!

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4 thoughts on “Yes, you can get back in shape

  1. I would like to share a few valuable tips from my personal experiences…..Sticking to a healthy diet is as important if you want to shed those extra kilos. Try to stay away from sweets, fried snacks and carbs. Drink as much water as you can and eat fresh fruits and vegetables…….hope your weight loss journey inspires all your other readers


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