Do you judge others by the way they dress?

This is something most of us do unconsciously. When we meet someone, we look at the way they are dressed. Some even get down to noticing the labels others are wearing. Here I ask you, does their way of dressing changes your perception about them?

What is bigger to you: person or appearance?

I did not think much about this before and was in the same club of judging people. But off late, I have been reflecting on it deeply. After a lot of thinking, I understood the value of a person is greater than the brand one wears. It might be okay to not to carry a Louis Vuitton but it would not be okay to be arrogant about it. The qualities one possesses should become their real definition and not their choice of clothes and labels.

I do not deny that someone who is well dressed often catches the eye and makes a good first impression. But I would urge you to not let that first impression become the ultimate impression about them. Not everyone has the same story and not everyone has the style. Before we form an opinion about others, let us make an effort to understand where they come from, what qualities they possess and how they treat others.

Closing thoughts

I think with age the way we think changes. I do not discourage shopping from the biggest and most expensive brands. But what I discourage is forming an opinion about someone who doesn’t follow the suit.

It is all about breaking mirages!

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